Thursday, December 17, 2015

Find the balance

"There is two sides for everything " this is a common statement that all of us has heard( atleast once in our life time). Nobody disagree to this statement, that's because it is true. Thus we all know there is good and evil exist, not separate, but as 'two sides' of the same coin. But we refuse to accept this fact. Perhaps we think that good is what should exist and evil is some kind of parasite. Let us analyse what exactly good and evil means.

Just think of something that you feel is good. Now who is it good for. Probably for yourselves,people related to you or organisations you belong to etc.. What does that good do to some others? May be ,just may be, it can have an evil impact on some other people. Thus good/evil can have a limited reach. This idea is very well expressed in the book The Oath of the Vayuputras written by Amish Tripathi. In the book the author explains how something thought to be an ultimate good turned out to be greatest evil to the world. It is an incredible book which deals with a lot more stuff .

So back to the point. It is clear that good and evil is not separable. So our efforts to eliminate evil is meaningless. Isn't it more sensible to create balance between good and evil, rather than trying to eliminate evil!! The harmony can be found if  perfect balance is achieved between good and evil, like the Yin & Yan.

Good and evil is not a physical thing, it is an energy we feel. We all know the fact about energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed. So how can we expect to destroy evil. As the fact states it can only be transformed from one form to another. So good can be changed to evil and vice versa. Finding a balance between this transformation is all that we can do.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Selfie - Nature of humans

Long ago before civilizations emerged, humans where nothing but a social animal. They lived in caves, which was their natural habitat, just like any other animals. Slowly it all began to change. They began to get civilized. They began to architecture their habitats, which were no longer natural.

Getting civilized,in a way was getting separated from nature. As already mentioned they started to design their own habitats, instead of one provided by nature. They abandoned them because they thought it was less secure. The food provided by nature was replaced by cultivated food items. These were some of the basic needs. To build his habitats and to cultivate food he liked humans tapped the natural resource. In other words he began to exploit nature for his selfish needs.

The story that follows doesn't teaches anything different.From humans as a whole the selfishness shrank into the level of 'me'. In short it can be seen that selfishness is nature of humans. As we all know this nature has not turn out good for us and other living beings as well. There were signs right from the beginning , that it is not going to end well. But we couldn't resist our urge to fulfill our selfish needs.

We all know that selfishness is not good. Some may argue otherwise. But the truth is, the harmony that occur when we consider the whole world instead of only considering ourselves is what we need. But the world today is so busy and fast, travelling the path of selfishness. In-fact we live the era of 'selfie'. We are busy perfecting our selfies and yet never happy.

Friday, April 3, 2015

What if today is my last day?

For almost a week now my  mind keeps on reciting this. How did it got into my head??? The reason is none other than Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. I was reading a book called 'Half Girlfriend' written by Chetan Bhagat, a popular Indian writer. In that book it was mentioned about the famous speech of Jobs at Stanford university commencement. Even though I have heard about that speech a lot before , the mentioning in that book made to watch that speech myself. I watched the whole speech on youtube. There is no need to say that the speech was very good and inspirational.

Jobs began his speech by saying that he just wanted to say 3 stories form his life. Then he said one by one and each one had a message in them. First one was about connecting the dots,in which he mentioned about his adoption,dropping out from college etc. The message was to follow your heart.
The second story was about love and loss, in which he mentioned about dismissal from his on company,Apple. It had a inspirational message,sometimes life hits you in the head,don't lose faith and to search for what you love until you find it.

The third story was about death, and this is the one that caught my attention most, that's why it still resonate in my mind. In this story he mentioned about his cancer and the successful recovery from that. He mentioned that after that, he would look up into the mirror daily and ask this one question,if this was my last day would I want to do what I'm going to do today. This question has struck me. He is right death makes everything else that we think are super important silly. I got to ask the same question to me then onward. It made difference in my approach  towards everything slowly. I would not say it made a drastic change, but it gradually is making changes. The first thing it changed is my concern that what others might think.I used to pull my self back from many things thinking what others may think. This one question has made an end to it up to a level. I'm waiting for further magic this question would make...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dance Tips

The one thing I wrote on 'about me' description is that, I love dance. And it is true, I love dance really. At the beginning, I always wanted some tips that would let me get started. I searched for tips and would like to share some of the tips that I find worth sharing:

  1. Perfect your posture:    Stand up straight, push your shoulders down and back, and hold your head up. It's truly amazing what good posture does for a dancer.
  2. Stretch :      A dancer must be flexible. He/She must be able to interpret the music through their body. Daily stretching will make your body much more flexible. Flexibility helps makes every move look effortless. And that is the major goal of dancing,to make each move look effortless. So make it a practice to do stretching every day. 
     The above picture shows some stretching exercises.
  3. Improve your technique:     Professional dancers spend their entire careers perfecting their technique. Good technique is what separates the good dancers from the best dancers. Learn new moves, but strive to perfect the skills of each step.
  4. As a last tip, I quote from a novel:       " A dance without bhav(emotion) is like a body without soul. When the emotions of the dancer participate, she/he would not need to remember the steps. The steps come to you. The bhav is something you cannot learn. It comes to you if you can create the space in your heart for it. :-The immortals of meluha (by Amish).

Keep dancing, al the dancers out there. And check out this facebook page for anything related to dance:

Monday, June 17, 2013

WWDC 2013

A few hours ago I watched the wwdc 2013 keynote.I really liked  apple's work,especially on ios 7. It's a mind blowing innovation. The main complaint from apple users is the lack of visual difference in ios even after               updating the device.Finally, apple solved that problem.Actually, apple took a step forward,by this I refer to the parallax effect in home screen. The new looks and control centre definitely deserves appreciation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The social network

the movie that say the story about the birth of Facebook.A good film.No wonder it was nominated for Oscar.Really liked the film.It gave me a good feeling.It really took me to a different world.I'm sure those who a has stantard thinking would like it.Seeing that Movie I envy Mark Zuckerberg,the creator of facebook.Everyone should see this film.The film says the story through flashbacks,I mean a series of flashbacks.Many more to say about it.Can't express everything becoz so much thing in mind,a traffic jam maybe!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


It's true.......nothing is impossible.....But to make somethings possible it'll take time.......