Friday, April 3, 2015

What if today is my last day?

For almost a week now my  mind keeps on reciting this. How did it got into my head??? The reason is none other than Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. I was reading a book called 'Half Girlfriend' written by Chetan Bhagat, a popular Indian writer. In that book it was mentioned about the famous speech of Jobs at Stanford university commencement. Even though I have heard about that speech a lot before , the mentioning in that book made to watch that speech myself. I watched the whole speech on youtube. There is no need to say that the speech was very good and inspirational.

Jobs began his speech by saying that he just wanted to say 3 stories form his life. Then he said one by one and each one had a message in them. First one was about connecting the dots,in which he mentioned about his adoption,dropping out from college etc. The message was to follow your heart.
The second story was about love and loss, in which he mentioned about dismissal from his on company,Apple. It had a inspirational message,sometimes life hits you in the head,don't lose faith and to search for what you love until you find it.

The third story was about death, and this is the one that caught my attention most, that's why it still resonate in my mind. In this story he mentioned about his cancer and the successful recovery from that. He mentioned that after that, he would look up into the mirror daily and ask this one question,if this was my last day would I want to do what I'm going to do today. This question has struck me. He is right death makes everything else that we think are super important silly. I got to ask the same question to me then onward. It made difference in my approach  towards everything slowly. I would not say it made a drastic change, but it gradually is making changes. The first thing it changed is my concern that what others might think.I used to pull my self back from many things thinking what others may think. This one question has made an end to it up to a level. I'm waiting for further magic this question would make...