Thursday, December 17, 2015

Find the balance

"There is two sides for everything " this is a common statement that all of us has heard( atleast once in our life time). Nobody disagree to this statement, that's because it is true. Thus we all know there is good and evil exist, not separate, but as 'two sides' of the same coin. But we refuse to accept this fact. Perhaps we think that good is what should exist and evil is some kind of parasite. Let us analyse what exactly good and evil means.

Just think of something that you feel is good. Now who is it good for. Probably for yourselves,people related to you or organisations you belong to etc.. What does that good do to some others? May be ,just may be, it can have an evil impact on some other people. Thus good/evil can have a limited reach. This idea is very well expressed in the book The Oath of the Vayuputras written by Amish Tripathi. In the book the author explains how something thought to be an ultimate good turned out to be greatest evil to the world. It is an incredible book which deals with a lot more stuff .

So back to the point. It is clear that good and evil is not separable. So our efforts to eliminate evil is meaningless. Isn't it more sensible to create balance between good and evil, rather than trying to eliminate evil!! The harmony can be found if  perfect balance is achieved between good and evil, like the Yin & Yan.

Good and evil is not a physical thing, it is an energy we feel. We all know the fact about energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed. So how can we expect to destroy evil. As the fact states it can only be transformed from one form to another. So good can be changed to evil and vice versa. Finding a balance between this transformation is all that we can do.